Legend FibreNow Wireless Internet

The benefit of Legend’s dark fibre service is that the fibre itself is limitless and therefore future proofed. The only thing that restricts the speed capabilities over the dark fibre connection is the network hardware and optics attached at each end and we are here to advise on what you will require to maximise performance.

With the right investment in your network equipment, we can support anything from 10Gbps throughput speeds to 1Tbps. Our dark fibre services will be able to deliver to you a 1Tbps connection.

Legend’s dark fibre services truly are unlimited and unrestricted and provide the fastest connectivity speeds found anywhere in the world.

Delivering speeds from 300Mbps to 10Gbps for internet services and offering a quick and easy upgrade path, Legend’s Gigabit Fibre offers businesses the very best in broadband speeds and reliability.

All Legend Gigabit Fibre services include a fully managed router. For multi-site organisations looking to improve WAN speeds and reliability, Legend’s Gigabit Fibre PURE10 service delivers Layer 2 network connectivity at speeds of 10Gbps.

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