Ethernet Leased Lines

Leased lines are dedicated physical fibre links which are connected directly to the customer and are not shared with any other customer guaranteeing a 1:1 service. Businesses who need the peace of mind that the connection will be stable and reliable, and will have guaranteed speeds at all times, should always look to installing a leased line. Not only does leased line offer the fastest speeds (up to 1Tbps), but it also includes an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which promises and guarantees the highest standards and levels of support.

Ethernet Leased

Ethernet leased line technology has been around and used as the default leased line service for many years and this can be seen through its use of copper cabling infrastructure rather than fibre optic cabling.

Although Ethernet leased lines can offer dedicated connections with speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, unlike dark fibre which has unrestricted and unlimited speed capacity, Ethernet leased lines do have speed restrictions due to the physical capacity of the leased line bearer.

Ethernet leased line connections are not single end-to-end connections and are installed across carrier networks which could have multiple inter-connections within its own carrier core and therefore may not deliver lower latency or lower ping times over the network. However, where dark fibre is not available, the best and only other option is an Ethernet leased line.

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Ethernet or Dark Fibre Leased Lines?

The main difference between Ethernet leased lines and Dark Fibre is that our Dark Fibre connections are effectively a single end-to-end fibre link between two business sites or one business site and the Internet. This reduces the distance that network traffic has to travel between ends, therefore making the transmissions much faster and with much lower network latency.

See our Dark Fibre Leased Line product for further information.