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Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Services

Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Services

Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Services

At Legend we provide centralised management and on-demand access to all your data, wherever it is stored, through a single application.

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Smart data management and protection

We utilise AI to detect and remove suspicious files from backups for malware-free recoveries. With regular, automated updates, a single modular code base and frequent releases of new features and products, Legend works continuously to make data management simpler, safer, and smarter now and in the future.

Cloud-first data protection

Developed specifically for the cloud, our solution protects data, applications, systems and organisation productivity against loss, theft, and downtime without the need for any local hardware, simplifying and accelerating roll-out and delivering infinite scalability and cost predictability.

Protect from SaaS direct to cloud

We protect data residing in SaaS applications including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Xero, SalesForce and Kubernetes (AKS). Backing up directly to a cloud destination of the customer’s choosing, removing the need for local hardware while maintaining data sovereignty.

Simple, unified management

A single, unified interface for smart data management. No bolting together multiple solutions. View your data in one place whether it’s stored on laptops or in virtual machines, on infrasture or in a rapidly growing range of SaaS applications. Manage it quickly and easily without switching between different solutions.

Lightning fast, intuitive and infinitely scalable

Our Solution is rapid to deploy, scaling effortlessly as your business grows and enables true management by exception through intelligent automation, advanced reporting, and automated updates. In the event of a Disaster Recovery scenario or for testing and migration, we provide instant streaming of data, automatically prioritised, based on user activity.

Avoid Downtime

With our solution a recovery time objective (RTO) can be measured in seconds. InstantData, on-demand data streaming technology eliminates the need for users to wait for a full recovery by prioritising streamed recovery of files as users access them. Our software ensures backup data can be safely isolated from live environments and features AI-driven technology to detect and remove malware from within backup data, helping protect against cyber threats.

Simple, predictable pricing

Our pricing model is subscription-based, simple, cost-effective, and predictable. With no upfront CAPEX or hardware costs you can scale up or down as demand changes, leaving you in complete control.


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